The call came from nowhere as if it has been made to lure her out from her sanity. Little did she know that her agony was being shared by the same person who fated the same death with her lover.

The truth that caged her in the wilderness of loneliness freed her to become the most feared being in her hometown. She walked the dark alley as if she had nothing to be afraid of as she glides towards the miseries of life.

Captivated by her ignorance, one man stretched his arms towards her but she reluctantly shoved him away. She must have been thinking that this could be the right guy but she just couldn’t risk for she had been in this  kind of situation wherein agony and sufferings were too much to handle.

The man, brokenheartedly, went to the cliff and followed the same fate of  those that were loved by her.  The townspeople feared her then, accusing her as a mercenary of of Satan that is on a mission to look for some additions for his legions.


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