New Year’s Resolution!

Everybody says that I need to slim down.

Yeah. I think so!

I really need to lose a lot of weight especially that I am afraid of some  future illnesses that are related to unhealthy lifestyle and overweight.

The holiday season was one of the biggest challenge in my diet that ,sadly,  I lost. Overeating screwed my plans of losing at least 5 kg for this month.*sigh*

Well, overeating may not be the only one that I need to ponder on but also with “overspending”. I am an impulsive buyer and I really need to change that especially that I am now in a tight budget for I wanted to buy a laptop or a camera and I don’t have a stable job and my allowance is pretty enough for my personal needs especially for my school stuffs.

I really need to have a fruitful 2010 since this year will be full of diffrerent sets of challenges that will be much more difficult and fun compared from the previous year!

I can do this!




2 comments on “New Year’s Resolution!

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