My Christmas Wishlist!

There are lots of things that I really  wanted to have for Christmas. Some of them are useful for me and some of them are meant to satisfy my “wants.” Here is my list:

1. Laptop- a must-have, I really do need one  because it would be very helpful for me especially that I am aiming on taking online jobs.

2. I-phone -hmmm..Okay…this one is just one of those “worldly” things that I want..:)

3. Camera(SLR)- I love photography and I wanted to capture a lot of things using my own creativity.

4. New set of Clothes- C’mon… I just can’t stick with  my old clothes..soon enough..they would be inappropriate for me…I’m already 20…

5. bags/sandals- I’m addicted to it..Human(Women’s addiction) nature..)


2 comments on “My Christmas Wishlist!

  1. Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I’m more of a visual learner,I found that to be more helpful well let me know how it turns out. This is good…thanks for sharing

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