Happy Monday

I went to the downtown area of our city to attend our meeting in my organization, SMM. It took me almost an hour to be there for I live in the suburban part of our city and mind you, commuting really requires a lot of time. I was a bit relieved when I arrived very early so I had a little time to walk around and luckily, I saw one of my friends there(high school friend). And then, when I went to the meeting area, I found out that there were only four of us and we had to wait for the other members to come.

The meeting started even if all the members were not yet present for the place that we chose to use was a sort-of public place where everyone can see us and everyone can bother us if they want to. After the meeting, we decided to stop by at a food shop for it was starting to rain and we thought that the rain would just pass by that spending some tine inside the shop would be a good idea but we were wrong.

It turned out that the rain did not stop and it was becoming stronger than ever that the water started to rise and we could not find any taxi available then. So we waited for almost an hour and we were stranded there. We just entertained ourselves by thinking of silly things so as not to be bothered by the idea that it was almost late.

After an hour of waiting, we decided to run across the other lane even if it was raining so as to find a taxi that we could use and we were very lucky that we don’t have to stay longer under the pouring rain.

At least, I enjoyed the day even if I almost got late for my work.


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