it’s showtime

I wanna start my own business especially on having a boutique or a small shop where i can sell some clothes, bag or even accessories that i would design by myself. I wanted to make it special and elegant even if that place wouldn’t be that big or spacious. This may be a bit hard for me to deal with but I know that I this dream of mine would push through especially that I am starting to save even my allowance just to make sure that I have something(even a small amount) to start on this business.

Marketing strategies would not be as big nor as cool as those famous shops but I know that finding the best decorations or the best stuffs wherein I could display my  own things(those that I wanted to sell) could really be helpful especially that most of the people prefer to buy on shops where their  design or decorations caught their interest or attention such as  a trade show flooring.

I can have logo mats that would suit the design of my building so that people would be more impressed by it or a trade  show carpet. I think having a logo canopy is also  helpful in attracting costumer.

I would really wanted to start a business of my own. So I know that I can do it if I want to.




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