knowing the unknown

05-10-09_1542Life has taken its toll on me. I may never know what is the real score between me and destiny or what does it stores for me. I am still grasping for  the truth behind any lies that I had gotten into. There are still unparalleled visions that I must clear so that I could look into what God has planned for me or maybe, I’m just too preoccupied with my material needs that I am becoming unaware of it.

I had forsaken love for lies because I thought it would be the best for me but it wasn’t. I realized that when it was too late for me to change it. I do have lots of questions but I am still unsure of the answers for it. I am still seeking for one and I hope that I may be able to know the real reason why I am feeling this. It may be hard but I have to… I must be strong…


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