The “Modern” World

As a student, having a good performance,in school or in any extra activities,  makes me feel fulfilled in every step that I would take. I always make it sure that I could do things beyond what people expects from me so as not to disappoint them adn to prove to myself that I could make good and be the best. Making it possible though may be a bit hard since it is very difficult to make a good presentation or anything especially in trying to make a good stuff.
In school, I am very particular in making my projects, assignments and special reports so that I could get a good grade. I usually rely in some digital stuff to help me in reaching what I wanted to know especially that this stuff would be very helpful especially in capturing those things that I wanted to say in different images and movie clips. I am a person who rely more on stuff such as digital cameras and camcorders to get quality videos and pictures to used in my presentations. Being artistic is a must but having those good stuff is an edge especially that I am not good in creating artistic stuff using my bare hands. Things also do not come often so I always make it sure that I could get those things just by recording them such as interviews and extra-ordinary sunsets that could only appear once or twice per year. I also have to use my mobile phone to update myself with the current news and stuff and also to communicate with my friends. It helps me a lot especially that it serves as my datebook and alarm clock to remind me of the things and stuff that I should do.
I always treasure these things and I know that they are sometimes expensive so I usually buy from those that I trust especially that these things are very precious to me. As a student, I always have a tight budget so I always buy things from trusted seller that could provide me the best and not putting the quality at risk.


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