A path not yet taken..but will(surely)…

I know that I had caused a lot of sufferings in your part, but I just want you to know that deep inside I have been suffering because of it too. Mistakes are mistakes and the pain had already been done. I just don’t have the courage to ask for your forgiveness but I have the will to change it. My shortcomings were characterized by my own weaknesses and I know that I had lost that battle in my life. I don’t have the power to turn back time but I have the motivation to make myself a better one and to prove that I have  change for the better…

It may not be certain but I know that I had built a certain gap between us and I just want that to change. Time heals all the pain but it may leave a scar that shall remind me that once I had caused you a lot of troubles and pain. I have been living a vicious life, not knowing that I am losing all the people around me that are very important to my life. I am sorry and I know that saying sorry would not be enough to compensate all the things that they have done for me, so I am trying to show them that I had realized the value of those people who loves me and I will do anything to reciprocate their unconditional love…

Thank you for leading me to the right path of life…I am starting this journey with so much love and hope…


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