i have to do this

When you are too nice to others, they suddenly abuse you and tend to  treat you badly. I really don’t understand why there are some people who like to hurt someone even if there are no apparent reasons to justify their actions. I do not have aversions towards mean people but I think becoming mean should have what it really takes to become one. If you wanted to criticize someone, just make it sure that you do have the nerve to do it and that thing could not backfire to you in any way.

I am just intimidated with those people who keep on making fun of me when they are much worse compared to me. I know that I am not perfect especially with my physical looks but they are not either and their attacks are too shallow but they are very persistent in doing so. I tried to act as if I really don’t care about it but they  keep on pushing me and trying to test my patience. I would want to stop this kind of feeling and I want to stand up for myself even if I have to deal with my friends. I have this realization that if they really care for me as a friend, they would not hurt me and would in turn, help me in becoming a strong person.

I will change because this will be good for me. Sometimes, I have to think of my own welfare too….


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