Big bang rocks…

big bang

My site is becoming obsessed with K-pop singers and group bands… or should I say, I am becoming obsessed…

Well, you can’t blame me..they’re all hot and sexy and they do have the talent, music and looks to make me wanna scream for more… It’s been three months since I became hooked up with k-pop and I am still enjoying it…Now, I do have some sort of idea and knowledge of the different boy bands and girl-bands in Korea…I am now listening to Korean music though I don’t really understand the lyrics and I always rely on translations to understand it but the tune and melody are so good and they are one of the best…

I am setting my eyes  now on the boy band,BIG BAng, whose members are T.O.P., G-dragon, Daesung, Taeyand and Seungri. I do love their music as well as their looks especially T.O.P. I also love to listen to their songs as well as watch their music video for they do have good concepts in their videos such as HAru,Haru , Lies and La,la,la,la.


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