Upon reading the news today, I could not help not to feel sad because there are lots of bad news everywhere. Lots of people are getting killed if not by typhoon, by the war that is happening in Afghan or  any outbreak of diseases.

I am trying to think of possible reasons why we had these kind of problems and i think, problems like these are rooted in our own actions. We are the reason why nature is not in good shape, we are the reason why wars happen and we are the one who makes those deadly viruses and bacteria that causes illnesses around the world.

I think we need to reflect on our own actions…


One comment on “Disasters!!

  1. I am absolutely the same like you. Found this blog only accidentaly…but really. Never forget the suffering. It can make you a better person. I know although I m not done with my study yet. I prepared for the worst exam which I failed and I watched the news and I cried all the time. What doest that all mean? Why so much pain, so much dying? And people are still so cruel…so cruel…

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