Concept paper:Plastic sutgery: beauty or beast?

Do not judge a book by its cover but still, everybody does. This situation makes everyone to be completely conscious on its own appearances as well as what other people think of what they really look like. Self-esteem and characters are often developed through one’s perceptions of what he or she really looks like in front of other people. These perceptions are characterized by quantifying beauty into different forms, shapes and colors of the body. Thus, setting the standards on how to define real beauty is. For those people who are dissatisfied with their looks, they resort into the power of medical and surgical procedures that is known to many as “plastic surgery.”

Plastic surgery is a process of restoration, correction and changing one’s appearances through surgical procedures and other aesthetic methods. This method offers everyone a chance to change their appearance according to what they want. Plastic surgery is being done and practice around the world due to its popular approach of enhancing beauty through cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

But not all that glitters is good as well as plastic surgery is. The debate whether it can really boost one’s self-esteem, uplift moral issues and completely enhance beauty without side effect continues to swirl around it. Many thinks that plastic surgery can only change the appearance of one person and but has unknown effects on the patients that could result into major problems such as infections and medical malpractice.

Plastic surgery does not guarantee a complete safe treatment and procedure to its patients that lead to a lot of controversies nowadays. On the medical arena of Philippines, a new case have surface about the inability of plastic surgery to provide long-lasting effect on its patients that leads on the patients hospitalization. There are also lots of people who claimed that plastic surgery makes their lives more complicated that leads into the patient’s emotional instability


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