Happy Independece Day!!!

It may be a bit late but I would still want to greet every Filipino,” happy independence day!!!”

This day is the day wherein we would recognize our freedom from all the conquerors of his land. This is the right time to think about the previous happenings in our country especially the con-ass thingy. It’s a bit ironic to see those congressmen, who voted for the constituent assembly, attending the event of the independence day that they are trying to rob from the Filipino people just to satisfy their own interests.

And as for my fellow countrymen, let us always take time to become aware of our own country’s situation and be able to see if the Independence that we are celebrating is still standing on our horizons for we may not know what will happen especially that their are lots of people who wanted to take that away from us.For the fight for the true Independence ca never be won as long as we would keep on acting as passive as what we are right now.

We are one nation!!!


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