constituent assembly…

The whole nation is uprising against the constituent assembly that shall pave the way of changing the democratic type of government that we have. Those people who voted for the con-ass are considered by the anti-con-ass people(which is obviously almost the Filipino people) as puppets of PGMA to extend her term and extending the calvary of every Filipino today.

These people should learn to think about their country’s future and to lobby not for the ammendments of the constitution but of changing the president itself. It’s not the constitution that we really need to change but the people who are in the government today, the  so called-traditional politicians(i.e. PGMA, HSPN, and the like…). If we can only get rid of them in the political arena(maybe by people power or by the upcoming election), then we can hope for a better governance that shall protect our rights and will not lobby for things that will only benefit themselves(such as the constituent assembly).


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