It’s time for a change…

The upcoming election is somewhat very evident due to the advertisements that can be seen in different television programs. Different political aspirants uses the media to capture the attention of the voters and to gain popularity among them so that they can be easily remembered upon the election. This kind of practice is being criticized by many because this lead to the notion that you have to be rich in order for you to become a political figure. For advertisements, especially on t.v., cost so much that only the affluent one can afford to spend on such things.

I do believe that somewhat those who wish to run for the upcoming election should have the means to finance their campaign for the voters must be familiar of them but they should not depend on the money itself for it could not measure the votes that the people will cast on them. What they need to have is the proper understanding of today’s real situation and the right compassion towards other. Money can never measure what these people can do for the betterment of the country’s future but what they really feel inside and what they can do for the people.

And as voters, we really need to do our part if we would really want to see changes in our political horizons. Let’s vote wisely and always think about our future. This is our country and we are the only key to change it…


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