it will never be an issue…

I really like Kelly Clarkson’s statement about her weight wherein she told the media people that she love her body and weight  is not an issue for her. Such issue concerns me too for I am also a chubby person but it doesn’t affect me whenever people try to criticize me because of my body. I love my own body and I really don’t care if people could not accept me for the way I am.

I don’t have to slim down just because they told me to do so but if it will happen, that is because of my own decision.Right now, I am very happy for what I am and it is the most important thing to me. I can see myself living my dreams and I would not let anything to hinder me from doing that especially my body. I love my body and for everything that I will do, I will make it sure that everyone will accept the real me. But don’t worry for I still consider myself sexy for sexiness doesn’t always mean very thin.

I am sexy and so does everyone…


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