boys over flower


Boys over Flower invaded our house…I mean, my sisters can’t help themselves whenever they are watching the said series…They are always over-reacting(shouting and uncontrolled giggles) whenever the show hits on especially during the scene with the F4…

well, I could not blame them for that because the actors of the said show are quite good-looking and mmmhh… interesting…I had my own dose of that during the meteor garden saga but that was before..I’m just happy that the korean version did a lot of justice in remaking the hit series which is based on the manga “Hana Yori Dango”…

I’m not really that interested but i don’t have a choice for my sisters made it a rule that 6 pm is only for “Boys over flower”…you could not watch anything else…and they mean it…poor me…I really want to watch the news instead…


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