stress management

Stress is something that is inevitable and inseparable for students like me. Every person experience it in different ways. And college life, is the most stressful stage of our lives. And stress is something that we will face throughout our life.

As a student, academic demands and pressures are the top of the many reasons why I am stress.

Coping with it is very difficult especially because we have this “flight or fight response” that somehow affects on how we view stress and even our coping mechanisms.
In the activity last meeting, we had a group discussion that made me and my group mates share those “stressful events” we encountered. Since we are all in the same course, most of our “stressors “ are just the same.

We also discussed on our different ways of coping with it. Eating, sleeping, chatting and playing are the most common that we do when we are stress.

As students, it is advisable to cope with stress or “fight” it, because it could lead to mental or psychological disorder. But then, it’s a psychological reaction that needs “proper handling.” We need to face our anxieties and stress in order for us to handle pressures and if we are under pressure, then we should learn to take things calmly. And we should always think positive.

For  we can never control what will happen to our life.  But all we need to do is to be prepare and organize our life, so that stress can be manage and avoided.


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