Planning report 3

Research Topic: Maximizing the Profitability of Coconut Wood Utilization

Based on its Marketable Demand

The group were not able to find the right references especially on books. We were advised to check on the PCA(Philippine Coconut Authority) for further references and to the libraries of UPMin especially on Anda.

The group started in evaluating the decision variables that we were able to acquire and we found out that we still lack the right amount of data. We were able to conduct surveys for four times already yet we are still facing the same dilemma, insufficient data.

We are then going to look for a much-more commercialized coconut wood establishment so that we can have the rightful amount of data that we need. We contacted the small-scales businesses so that they can guide us to their manufacturers and distributors. We have a lot of choices and we are planning to choose the one that is within or near Davao City for we are being constrained by time and money.


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