Love of Siam

Last night, I watched the Thai film “Love of Siam” and I was moved by it. The story is really cool and great (aside from the fact that the two leading actors are handsome). It unravel the struggles of each character as they tried to face the harsh realities of each others life.

The story is about Tong , his family and about his real feelings toward his bestfriend, Mew. He love him but he knows that they are in a very odd situation especially that most of the people around him could not accept it especially his mother. He also had to deal with his drunkard father who could not accept the loss of his sister even after six years had passed.


There are lots of good things about the movie especially the songs that Mew’s band played. The songs itself shows how deep is Mew’s love for Tong and how it affected Tong so much. You would really love them especially Tong’s last words to Mew before the movie ended. He told Mew that he can’t be with him as his boyfriend but that does not mean that he don’t love him.


One can relate to the story especially if that someone is having a hard time dealing with oneself. You would learn in this movie how love can make you withstand all the hardships in life. Being lonesome is something that one should strive to overcome so that one can be as happy as what that person aims to be.The movie also teach us the most important lesson in life…”Value each person that comes in your life…it can be your family, friends or someone special… for they are the reasons why we are still striving to live and face all the uncertainties in life”


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