Revolutionary Road…


It may sound like a movie about war but it isn’t…The revolutionary road is a story of a couple who strive hard in dealing with each other. Frank(Leonardo DiCaprio) and April Wheeler(Kate Winslet) are two unlucky individual who got married and moved into the revolutionary road because Frank impregnated April. Their lives revolves on April’s not-so-good acting career and of Frank’s working on an agency he doesn’t like. They have their own sets of problems and each of them could not relate to each other and they end up always fighting.

Their unhealthy relationship is derive from the fact that they don’t have an open communication especially that April is not the kind of person who wanted to talk things out while Frank is too insensitive of his wife’s feelings.

They struggle too hard to make their relationship good and they eventually found a way to solve it, to start a new life in Paris. Both are thrilled of moving out and starting a different life away from the suburbs. However, they were unable to move out for April got herself pregnant and Frank do have a promotion on the table. Their lives become more complicated as April would want to abort the child and they got intertwined to a insane man’s life that in a way, was able to point out the failures in their lives.

The story ended in a tragic incident wherein April tried to do an abortion by herself and she lost too much blood and had a lot of complications that resulted in her death. Frank and his children moved out of Revolutionary Road and settled in the city….

I almost cried watching the movie especially on the part wherein they were fighting…There is no wonder why Kate Winslet won an award in the Golden Globes for she was able to relay her character to those who watch it.

It is wonderful movie and everybody should watch especially to thoe couples whose relationship is on the rock. One would get a lot of lessons from this movie…a

P.S… Leonardo looks so damn hot in this movie…


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