From a concern citizen’s view…

The future of one nation lies in the hands of the upcoming generations. This is maybe considered as a cliché but we have to accept that sooner or later, the youth will have to grow and take their place in the society. They are expected to be fruitful as what the adults are doing in order to ensure the stability of their nation. Economic growth will not be possible without the man power and the sprung of new ideas that can be derive from the youth today, which will soon become future leaders of the coming generations. With this, educating them with the right knowledge and skills does not have just to take place in the four corners of the classrooms but they must have a proper understanding of the present situation. One should be able to pinpoints the weaknesses and strengths that they see in the society so that they may weigh whether it is time for a change. The young and perspective leaders must also learn to deviate from the tradition leaders that they may have right now, corrupt and self-centered, for one nation needs a different perspective from a fully-aware individuals of the nation’s current situation.


I have been in the dark in viewing the current political situation of my country. It is a shame that we are considered one of the most corrupt countries of the world. A lot of money was dispersed to the politicians for their future works that should benefit the country but it seems that this money is being used on their own personal interest. They generate funds to make themselves richer and to sustain their vices; gambling, women, etc.
I also believe that some politicians are behind the big syndicates on drugs, jueteng(gambling), kidnapping and white slavery for they could not operate that easily if there were no one who have the power supporting them. And our very own example of that is the controversial Alabang Boys and the on-going operations of jueteng around the country.
It is very hard for me to live in this place wherein injustices are omnipresent and yet, nobody can stop and fight it because they lack the power to do so. Gun, goons and gold are the indispensable tool that these people used to inflict fear to those who try to stop them. With that, we can never hope for justice to prevail in this country especially that we do not have good governance given the kind of president that we have. I am not anti-government activist or whatever you call it, but I do believe that we have suffered too much and it is the right time for change. My means are not that of what you can see rallying on the streets but that does not mean that I am just too passive of the current situation. Sometimes, it is good to act indiscreet so that one could avoid being killed and be part of the remnants of extra-judicial killings that is remain unsolved even up to this moment (ANOTHER example of the prevalent injustices coming from the government).

The battle against injustices has long been started and it is only up to us to make a move, to launch the greatest and most powerful tool that will surely defeat injustices and that is CHANGE.


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