Deathnote: who is the justice, L or Kira?


Mmmhh…I was kinda hooked before on the manga series, deathnote. It is a story between a high school boy who become the owner of a deathnote, a notebook that could kill by simply writing the person’s name on it, and the shinigami, death god, who owns it.That guy is known  Yagami Raito/Light and Kira, as the criminal’s mass murderer. He used the deathnote to create a world without crime or an utopia that he would rule.

death_noteHis actions inflicted fear towards the people of Japan and around the world. He was too close in achieving what he wants when he was interfered by an extra-ordinary young detective that is known only by the name of L. He used the code L to protect his identity so that he could secretly investigate the mass killings of criminals.

Both men had a different view about justice, L believes that Kira has no right to persecute for he is not God and that he should leave the decisions about the punishments to those who have the right authority while Kira/Light think that it is the only way of cleansing the world from the stains of sins that the criminals had inflicted in this world.


The manga is about the battle of brilliant minds for both of which is gifted with extra-ordinary talents in trying to find ways to defeat each other. L got killed in the later part but he was able to leave the necessary clues that ended Kira’s regime as a god and punisher.


4 comments on “Deathnote: who is the justice, L or Kira?

  1. I would have to agree with Kira being the one on the side of justice. Although L claims to be such, he is largely motivated by solving the puzzle, justice just serves as a convenient façade. Even Near and Mello were not interested in justice, simply proving themselves superior. In the end, as perverted as his views became, Light always was aiming for justice.

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