Slumdog Millionaire


Last Night, my friends and I decided to watch “Slumdog millionaire” for we are a bit curious about it especially that it garnered 8 awards on OSCARS. The story is very captivating and moving for it is a tale of true love, brotherhood and survival. The story revolves around a young man named JAmal, who was abducted by the police for they believe that he cheated on the game show “Who wants to be a millionaire” for he only lives in the slum. He is one question away on winning the 20,000,000 rupees when he was brutally questioned by the police. He then tell the police the reason why he was able to answered all the question by telling them his story and the significance of his answers to his life.

287_11804819632 He recounted those times wherein he and his brother, Salim, had to strive hard because they got orphaned and there were no one they could turn into. They were introduced to the world of big syndicates that tested their bond as a brother. They met a young girl named Latika that become very significant in Jamal’s life. Because of her, the two brothers got themselves into a lot of troubles and parted ways with Jamal’s anger for his brother. But their lives intertwined again and become more complicated as Jamal’s brother worked for a big and dangerous man, a sort of Mafia, who turned out to be the lover of Latika.

3024874376_5c0ed1ae3a Jamal tried to take her away from that man but they were separated for that man had great money and power while he has none. He then decided to join the game show for he knows that it is Latika’s favorite and that she will be watching the entire show. The police was, in a way, moved by his story and he was sent back to the game show to answer the last question. He doesn’t have to be the winner of the money for he is very happy to know that Latika is safe and sound. though in the end, his brother had died but at least he got the redemption that he need and is the key towards his brother’s ultimate happiness, Latika._45255166_slumdog_226

The film is worth watching and it was directed by Danny Boyle and Loveleen Tandan and was adapted from Vikas Swarup’s novel.


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