PLANNING REPORT 1 for our research topic

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Planning report: Maximizing the Profitability of Coconut Wood Utilization Based on its Marketable Demand

To be able to come up with a good research paper, the group decided to employ a time frame that would guide the group in collecting the data without the possibility of “cramming” that would avoid understating the data that we might use.

After the mini-defense, our teacher advises us to focus, at first, on a data coming from a single source, such as one scale business firm or coconut wood store, so that we can narrow down the limitations of our research. The other data that we would collect from the other coconut lumber enterprises would be helpful in checking and verifying the model that we would come up with.

Given this, we are able to collect a data, prices of different preferred dimensions of coconut lumber, from a nearby coconut lumber store here in Mintal, Davao City but we still could not start making a model for we still need to check the inventories of this store so that we can derive the nature of marketable demand of coconut lumbers that they sold that comes in different size and cut. But we should also consider the average number of logs that the manufacturer/s can produce and the approximate number of coconut lumber, in different cuts and sizes, it can produce in a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

To be able to achieve it, we plan to do more surveys on different prices of coconut lumber as well as its inventories(probably, for the last 6 months or year) here in Davao City. The group also decided that the data should be available before 14th of February so that we can start evaluating and checking if we have the right data, assumptions, and decision variables to start formulating the model of our problem.


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