Can’t get enough of Robert Pattinson…


As a fanatic of Robert Pattinson, which started from his appearance on the Harry Potter movie 4 down to the twilight movie, I always take time to read and browse the net for news about him for he  do have a great talent especially in his new flick( a sort of mini-indie or whatever), How to Be. He played the character of Art, a struggling musician who got dumped by his girlfriend and decided to move back with his “not-so-loving-and-caring parents”. The movie is  really funny especially on the part that he got “hooked” on a particular book to help him out of his problem especially on dealing with his neglectful parents that he even invited the author of such book to live with him(for the meantime) and with his parents.This movie is about Art trying to make his life normal in any possible means and his journey towards friendship and life.

And if you are a certified Robert Pattinson fanatic, better watch this out… He’s really good and hilarious…



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