OMG!!!A 13-year old guy who looks like an 8-year old fathered a child from his 15-year-old girlfriend…

As I was browsing the net for some news, I stumbled upon the news about a four-footed-13-year-old guy, who looks like eight , who recently welcomed his first-born daughter. Shocking! well, his girlfriend is actually 15 and looks a bit old. But that’s not the main issue here. I mean, can they become a responsible parents at that age, they should be dealing with schools, games,adventures and not about  feeding a baby. How would they raise a child if they are still  children,they’re not even at the legal age???

With such things happening nowadays, parents should  monitor their children so that they would be aware of its own problems and could give advises especially on the matter of PMS. And for all the kids out there.

Live your life to the fullest and be responsible for one’s own actions… You know that there are lots of good things stored for us in the near future…And regret always comes in the end…



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