Chris brown assaulting Rihanna???

"love is cruel"

"love is cruel"

I just couldn’t believe the news about Chris brown hurting Rihanna that almost kicked Brown into jail, thanks for bailing himself out with the amount of $50,000. And it is scary for Brown is much younger compared to Riri and I bet he was a bit compassionate towards his girlfirend before. And the assault is very, very bad, imagine Rihanna suffering from  a bloody lips and a bloody nose, not to mention a contusion on her forehead??? Is Brown really that capable of hurting the woman he,supposedly, love????

The assault affected even their presence on the Grammy Awards Night, wherein the two are expected to perform. And from the news that I heard , Rihanna is not in good condition. I just hope that she will make it out form this mess and will be okay. Be strong girl!!!

And for woman beater-Chris brown, grow up. Didn’t your father taught you that hurting a girl is not a manly thing to do???


4 comments on “Chris brown assaulting Rihanna???

  1. well i dont think that Chris hurt Riri so bad yes maybe he hurt her but i dont believe he hurt her like those pictures they showed of her. Im a huge fan of Chris and yes his reputation went down a lot with what he did to Riri but hey they both old and they know was they was doing. Riri got hurt but still went back out with her so if she was real hurt she would of never done it. I’m not saying that what Chris was fine because he messed up the minute he laid a hand on a girl. I’m pretty sure Chris dad thought him better then hitting a women but, no one always follows what a parent teaches so dont judge him unless you’ve lived his life!!.

    • im a big fan of chris brown i think the biggest but i dont condom wat he did but it doesnt make me a less chris brown fan i just felt in a way what riri must of felt im a woman but yes i do love chris and it was a mistake he did, he’s not perfect no one is i know he learned from that mistake and hope he never do it again

  2. que romance de amor os dois casais pk e que a beleza do chris browm teve de fazer isso na rihanna isso e injusto era um casal tao bonito que teve que se desfazer por causa de uma violencia e uma pena neste preciso momento xtou triste . bjs para vos

  3. chris had an interview way sum one years ago and said that his dad beat up his mum so he would never do it ha ha (SO MUCH FOR THAT !!!!!!). Am a big fan of both and think both of them are the blame lol. A dont think that chris made that big a mess ae her face but a still think he hit her and a agree she woudent have gone back with him if she dident make most of it up.

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