You know what we did on our first NSTP activity…

photo-8Organizing a game or an event is not easy especially if the tasks are not equally divided among its members and the group members are not actively cooperating. Such dilemma was slightly felt during our own way of organizing a soccer tournament for the fiesta of Mintal last November 29, 2008. Different groups were assigned with different committees. My group was randomly selected to be part of the Field Preparation Committee and we were assigned to make sure that the game field will be set-up before the tournament will begin.

We had to wait for the instructions of the professor before the equipments photo-24and things must be transported to the venue of the game. And we  needed to cooperate with the committee who were assigned for the lay-out of the fields that became very crucial in our task.

Two days before the tournament, we had to start our task for it takes time to complete and for the fact that we only had small manpower, there are only five members in our groups. We did all the necessary jobs and tasks like painting the penalty line for it to become visible, setting-up the goals and putting the nets on it. We also need to ensure that they are properly set and all the goals were in the right

But our tasks did not ended right then, we had to be at the venue of the tournament an hour earlier before the game for we need to double check everything on the field. The game  started a bit late for some technical problems but it was still successful for the different assigned committees were able to do  their job as well as what my group/ committee had done.


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