The curious case of Benjamin Button

curious-case-of-benjamin-button-poster-210The movie, the curious case of Benjamin Button, proved to be a great movie and should be entitled for awards. The storyline is great especially the leading man,(mmhhh) Brad Pitt. I never encountered such story about a person growing reversely and it fascinated me how the story goes.

I pity the character for he was abandoned by his father on a nursing home but the nursing home  turned out to be a good place for him especially that he looks like a 86-year-old man in an infant body. He struggles to survive, work and to find love but it wasn’t that easy especially that he had a hard time making his own family for he need to face the reality that he will grow young while his lover will not.

He was able to have a daughter from his love interest, Daisy, and later realized that he needs to stay away from their lives especially that he is nt becoming older. He sold all the assets( he acquired one when his dying “real” father told him about the truth about himself and his past) that he have in order to support Daisy and his daughter.

He drifted away from them and traveled from different places all over the world. He managed to contact Daisy and their meeting was a bit odd for he really looked like he was still a teen and Daisy was beautiful yet old.

And in the end, Benjamin continued to grow younger and during those time that he was misbehaving, Daisy was there to support him and it wa on Baisy’s arm that the  baby Benjamin died and she believes that before he closes his eyes, he remembers everything, especially her.

And all i love about the movie is, BRAD PITT…hahaha


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