He’s not mine.

I have move on but I’m not yet over him.(sigh) It is a bit difficult especially that my heart doesn’t want to cooperate with my mind. I tried everything to forget this feeling but it seems that he will never leave my heart. He occupies the space that i meant not to delete nor try to forget.

Right now, I am just an ordinary girl in his eyes and a mere passerby in his life. He still couldn’t or wouldn’t grasp the reality that I am irrevocably in-love with him. I know that he had caused me so much pain but that is the price that I need to pay for loving him even though I know that he is destined to be with another girl. 😦


3 comments on “He’s not mine.

  1. no one can ever tell who is going to be his or who is going to be lost by you…. its the fact and the person who is destined to be yours , will himself come t5o you inspite of miles between you two… are you getting me???? plz my dear cheer up.. if ur love is true , i gaurentee u , he will be yourz. no 1 can snatch him from u.. believe me.
    your love is only yours .i will pray for you.

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