New Moon’s new characters???

After the breathtaking shows in cinema of twilight, are all set then to wait for the upcoming flick,  New Moon. It is the second movie based on the novel of Stephenie Meyer’s twilight series.

But there are lots of speculations and controversies that had happened like the firing of its director, Catherine Hardwicke, and the almost-replacement of the   cast for Jacob Black’s character.

As the new movie is soon to be film(maybe this March), new cast are being hired and there are rumors that Vanessa Hudgen and Dakota Fanning will be joining them.

Vanessa Hudgen is said to be playing the role of the Indian Girl, Leah Clearwater, and Dakota will play the Volturi vimpire, Jane. But all are not yet clear whether these things are true or not.

All we need to do is to sit back and wait for the time that the new movie will air on the cinemas.


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