loving is never meant to hurt anyone…

Love is on the air as the month of love is already fast approaching. Many couples(both married and unmarried)  take this time to share their deepest intimacy between each other. But not every love-“making” stories always end-up in happily ever after. For some people tend to acquire sexually transmitted diseases from their partners that tend to have a gradual effect in their life.

There are lots of prevalent sexually transmitted diseases that continues to ruin  one’s life, one of which is the most common the genital warts. Genital warts are sexually disease that continues to spread and affects both men and women, through engaging in sexual acts. They can  be fatal to those who have it but everything can prevented or dealt with as long as one can actually recognize the symptoms of genital warts. Becoming aware of the presence of genital warts would means being preventive of it to spread. One should be responsible if he or she  have  it, for it do have a greater effects to everybody especially on pregnant women.

Genital warts and pregnancy are not advisable to co-exist with each other for it may pose for possible infection to the unborn child and may results to risky and deadly complications.

This problem should be address properly to everyone for it needs global awareness to be able to stop and prevent  it. And loving or “making love” is never meant to hurt each other through this kind of sexually transmitted diseases that continues to burden each person who has it.And it is the right time to find ways to stop genital warts and other STDs to  be able to enjoy each others company without the risk of spreading a genital disease.


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