Azumanga daioh


Last weekend, I enjoyed watching anime series on TV 5 channel for there was nothing left to do. I enjoyed it especially watching their new anime series Azumanga daioh. the series is very funny and full of foolishness, the story is about six high school girls and their silly behaviors colliding in each other and also of their two(three) high school teachers(one of them is their adviser).

The story focus more on adventures in school and different activities. They are extremely indifferent yet they can actually respond to each other and can create a hilarious bond with each other.

The main cast are as follows:


Chiyo Mihama– she is the youngest among the six friends, she’s very intelligent that she accelerated from fifth grade to tenth grade due to her amazing intelligence. She cope primarily on height and her attitude towards things that are being affected by her childish emotions. Many are jealous of her because she is not just intelligent but she comes from a very wealthy family.


Tomo Takino– she is very energetic and impulsive. she doesn’t even care that she has failing marks and she is the primarily source of trouble, and she’s very annoying . she wants to be good at everything (though she’s not really good ) and very aggressive on taking things just to prove that she can actually be competitive.


Koyomi “Yomi” Mizuhara- she is the complete un-TOMO character. She is serious and a good friend for everyone but she can be sometimes too bad when pushed by Tomo’s reluctant behavior. She’s second to Chiyo when it comes to intelligence but she’s also good when it comes to sports but she has a very big problem when it comes to her weight management and often follows unsuccessful dietary plans that becomes a source of fun for Tomo as she always tease her sleeping without clothes on.


Sakaki- she is the tallest among them( and she still continues to grow) and a bit shy. She speaks seldom that other students may think that she’s a bit tough and sporty(due to the fact that she is naturally athletic because of her big physique) but she isn’t. She is very fond of cute things and often seen in the series making drawings and she love to pet cats. And because of her character, Kaorin ( a girl) actually fancy here.


Ayumu”Osaka” Kasuga- she’s a bit slow in everything-the way she talk, act, move and take things… She has a morbid sense of humor and a slow learner. but she can be funny too especially with her fondness in absent-mindedness and daydreaming.


Kagura- she is a very athletic girl that devoted herself in rigorous trainings to be able to win a spot in the nationals. But she has an aversion towards Sakaki for beating her on a running event but later on becomes her friend. She is as energetic as Tomo and they both have less interest when it comes to studying. But like Yomi, she is also a victim of Tomo’s foolishness because of the fact that she has big breast.


Yukari Tanizaki- she is the girls’ English and homeroom teacher. she has a peculiar attitude towards her students but eventually develops  closeness towards her. She can be sometimes a horrifying tyrant and you can always see her hitting students(most of the time is Chiyo) with whatever object she is holding. she is a bit wild especially when it comes to driving and food. she’s more of a unmatured Tomo in adulthood.

nyamoMinamo “Nyamo” Kurosawa-she is the girls’ gym teacher and the adviser of another high school section. She is a co-worker of Yukari and her friend since high school. She often spends time with Yukari having to spend and pay for whatever it is that they would drink or eat. She resembles Yomi and Yomi’s relationship with Tomo(Yukari, on her part)

kimuraKimura- is the only male character visible in the series. He is the creepiest teacher you can ever have except for the fact that he was able to ditch a beautiful and lovely girl as a wife. You can always see him appearing with his mouth gaping open. He fancies one of the students, Kaorin but eventually proves that he do have faith for his wife.

kaorinKaorin- a student who fancies Sakaki but stil unable to show it. She is a member of astronomy club, she is a bit shy but cam be extremely out of balance when it comes to Sakaki.


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