My new year’s resolution…

Every year, I always try to make my own sets of resolutions but it seemed that it never helped me at all to change the bad habits and characters that I was trying to resolve and change during those years.

It could be because I do have a peculiar attitude towards myself and the way I see things than other people do. I usually pretend that I am just living it up and all the things that I had done,bad or good, are just  part of the path that I should take. Committing mistakes never freaks me out nor  alarmed me and because of it, I am not afraid of not changing my self  to be a better person.

But during those times that I recollected what had happened, it made me feel that somewhat I am not doing things according to what I want but rather I always let the current to sway me away or on whatever it is that fate stored for me.I should be the one to decide on my fate and to dictate the things that may happen that  would gradually affect my future.

It is high time to make my own new year’s resolution, and I only have one.



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