The tale of the seven princess and one prince who lives with the dragon…part 2

After being held at the tower, the princess decided that they only have two options left for them: to stay or escape. The princesses who had stayed their for a long time longed for freedom but they just could not muster enough courage to fight the dragon.
Princess KJ decided to look for possible exits. She saw a small door and thought that it could lead them to the forest. she opened the door and was shocked to see that beyond the small and dark room, a handsome prince lay there peacefully. ,At first, she thought that he was already dead and probably a corpse. But she could not contain her curiosity and she went near to the prince. She was surprised to know that the prince is actually breathing. She motioned on touching his face but she heard one of the princesses called for her. She then ran away from the room.
After it, she saw the other princesses and confided to them about the handsome prince on the small room.
The seven princesses thought that they could ask for his help to fight against the dragon. but they were unaware of the fact that the prince is still under the influence of the “love potion” of the dragon.
Will the princesses be able to win against the dragon? after some time, Princess KJ could not help herself not to think about the prince. Is there hope for the two of them???

Watch out!!!


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