A different kind of love story


Twilight continues to captivate its readers, maybe because of its unique storyline and characters. A love story between a vampire and a human seems so appealing for everybody. And I am also a great fan of twilight but my fondness with such love stories did not started with the books but with different mangas such as: Vampire Knight and Midnight Secretary. Both of which are all stories about the whirlwind romance between a vampire and a human.

The storyline is different with each other but still is as great as the other manga. I then thought that exotic and dangerous love stories appeals to us, readers, in such a way that it ignites passion and interest on its readers. We are through with cliches’ stories like “poor-girl-meets-rich boy” and from rags to riches story. We are now open into more complicated and out-of-this-world love stories.Adventures, both in love and life, are the major points these stories have that drive its readers to patronize it.


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