ILC-LRC Christmas Party.

Yesterday, the ILC/LRC office ,where I worked for, celebrated Christmas Party. Since, we started already  noon, we decided to eat the food first and after which, the program will follow. We had a very satisfying and delicious meal, thanks to Ate Maepril who organized and prepared the foods.

After the eating session that takes about an hour and half, we then decided to enjoy some games. We played “HEP2x Hooray” and “Pinoy Henyo”, a Filipino version of charade. During the games, the two offices battled with each other. ILC won the :Pinoy Henyo” game and the LRC bagged the winning spot on the Wowowee’s craziest “HEP2x Hooray.”

After enjoying two games, we decided to eat again. After it, we played the sensational “FAMILY FEUD” game. We had two rounds of it, where LRC Office winning both rounds.And then the legendary “exchanging-gifts” followed.

It was cool and a happy celebration. I enjoyed it as well as the bosses and staffs of the two offices.


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