Feeling young…

Last Friday,our school celebrated its annual “PArolan” or Lantern parade at People’s Park, Davao City. Different organizations, colleges and individuals joined the lantern making contest as well as the Christmas dance presentation.

Various designs and lanters paraded the people’s park and it was a tough fight for the participants. In thge end, the Bios(Biology Society) got the first place in the lantern-making contest and the “Samahang-Maharlika” was the one who won the dance competition.

After the event, my friends and I decided to stroll around the place and we went to a nearby mall who had a midnight sale at that moment. since, I was financially unstable at that time, I wasn’t able to buy something for myself but at least we had a satisfying meal.

And then, we decided to go to San Pedro Church and there, we learned that there are two particular rides that are free for everybody, the carousel and the elephant rides. And for no apparent reasons, we took the free rides for fun. And we had a great time feeling like – childrens.


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