Robert Pattinson can be yours!!!


Robert Pattinson can be yours, i mean his look a like dolls. According to a source, a toy company is making twilight dolls but it will be release maybe next year..


I’m excited to have one…

And it also has Bella Swan dolls…



10 comments on “Robert Pattinson can be yours!!!

  1. I know they made dolls. It is sooooooooo awsome! I am dying to get one, but they are so expensive! I can’t even afford one! Does anybody have any idea where to get them just a little bit cheaper? I don’t want to go to eBay though.

  2. Aw, thats soo cute! but Edward is lookin like a big perv in that one picture, he’s totally grabbing her boob!

  3. i LOVE the movie twilight!!!!!:)
    bella is sooooo pretty.
    and now i can reanaced twilight in my own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):)):):):):):):):)!<3

  4. Oh my…I loved the books and the movie was good(could have been better), but people need to walk away from this for a little while and get their heads on straight. These characters are fictional guys, and these dolls are a little freaky looking by the way. Guys like Edward Cullen do not exist, and they make the guys we do know look like a–holes. Believe me, I was looking at my husband(who is wonderful) and thinking “why can’t you be more like him?” Stephenie Meyer did a wonderful job creating the man of (almost)every woman’s dreams. I feel sorry for Robert Pattinson, who will probably never be able to live up to Edward Cullen.

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