Our school had its annual celebration of deviance day yesterday. Deviance Day  is a particular day where you can dress and somewhat   make yourself different from what others see as the   “norms” in your behaviour.

Our team(soccer team) decided to wear a sack because we are SACK-er dudes(funny). Well, what we did was simply transform the sack into beautiful dresses and outfits. Some of my schoolmates were not able to tell first that I was wearing a sack because it seemed like I was wearing a plain white mini-dress. At least, I had done a good job for myself. But wearing a sack is not easy because you have to deal with some sort of  “itchiness”.

And the best part of deviance is the programme. I(we) was a bit nervous for we decided to join the group category and were “on-the-spot rehearsing.” And thankfully, we won the second place. It could be  because of our last punch- line about the team: ” HERE,GIRLS KICK BALLS”(*-*)

I was so happy because it was my first time to participate in Deviance Day. And during that time, I feel so cool and realize that being different is not a crime. . Other people  may not like you but what is more important is that you are happy for who and what you are.


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