Last Saturday, we joined the 1st UP-CMU Friendship Games at CMU, Musuan, Bukidnon. But before that, we had to endure four hours of travel from Davao City to the said place. Though the vehicle is not that big and we were congested inside the van   but still it was fun for we were having a good time talking about silly things and stuffs.

We arrived at the school at around 12 midnight and all that we wanted was to sleep but they had prepared a dinner for us and it would be inappropriate for us to refuesd it. After eating our meals, our coach instructed us that we should sleep and that we will not forget our buddy(our partner).

But I didn’t had a good sleep for I only had 5 hours of sleep. We then prepared for our game and ate our breakfast.

The place is cool but the soccer field is not. In our school field, we have to deal with makahiya grasses but in Bukidnon ,muds and water all around the field.

We lost the game with the scores 3-1 but still it was a good experience. It was my first travel outside Davao City. I did had a good time especially on the part that we stopped by on a place called OVERVIEW. The place is so cool and so refreshing. We had then our series of non-stop photoshoots and a little laughs.


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