Miley?? or Selena???

miley1 selena

I’m not really a Disney fanatic but the rivalry between Miley Cyrus, Nick’s ex-girlfriend, and Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas’ current girlfriend, seems to bother me. People are misjudging Miley because of her vanity fair picture and youtube videos but all they do with twee tum Selena is keep on praising her.

They keep saying that they like Selena better because she is planning on having a band of her own rather than taking a solo singer career. But all she need to do first is to prove that she can be as sensational as Miley is. Selena is a picture of a prim and proper girl, in short, B-O-R-I-N-G. She can act, sing and do whatever she wants but still she’s naturally uncool. Though Miley Cyrus may not be t as good as what people want her to be but at least she has done nothing wrong(and for her myspace pics, C’mon, everybody does it and it’s not that bad for she did not show some private thingy) that will affect her role as a “kiddie sensational star.” Lots of kids are loving her and the issue of having a 21-year-old boyfriend is not a crime. And it will never be one.

And if you ask me which side I am, it will definitely be team MILEY!!!

She is a star and a good singer. I love her songs and I love her personality!!!!



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