A not so good Thursday…

Mmmmmhh…there’s nothing good about this day…I forgot to attend one of my class(did I really forgot it???)or I’m not just in the mood.

I’m bored(the reason why I had posted a lot of entries this day)  and there’s nothing good and fruitful thing to do.I feel like I am a lifeless individual here who eats, sleeps, go to school and existed in this world with no apparent reasons. (sighed)

Maybe I’m just depressed. And this is the only thing I know that would ease up my depression(writing unimportant stuffs). At least it is quite good compared to those kids who take drugs and cocaine to escape their depressions.

Am I insane???NO! But if I will not stop, I will soon turn into a mentally-unstable person.(sighed)

And if you are reading this post, kindly forget that you did. I’m just bored and I’m not even sure of the things that I put into this post. Just wasting my time and money.


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