A frustrating game…


Last saturday was our soccer team’s game against another team but it seemed bad luck accompanied me. Before the game, I needed to attend first our activity in our NSTP class. Since I was assigned to the physical arrangement team, I need to double check if the things were peoperly set before leaving. But one mischievous child kicked the ball into my direction but I tried to avoid it that resulted for my unexpected fall. My left foot was twisted and I was in great pain.

But the sad part of it, I wasn’t able to play and I was watching our team while the other players kept on defeating them. Our team lost with the score,5-0. It was so frustrating on my part for I wanted to help the team but my physical condition was not cooperating. The sad part of it is that the fact that even in our next game, I could not join.

But I do have high hopes for the team. I know they can do it!

Trust yourself guyz!!! Let the UP spirit lives in you!!!!


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