Yesterday, AMATH(Applied Mathematics Students) Week started with a motorcade(was it really a motorcade???). It was fun for there were only few of us who joined it. We were all screaming “Amath week” and some were amused to see us. But still it was successful but not the event that one “princess ride” had a flat tire(OOPSS!! it wasn’t me who ride in it!)

After the motorcade, we had a very short (as in the shortest that you could think) kind of program…You know” we officially started…” and then,it ends …

The Amath peeps also have a booth called “AMBOOTH” that offers fun and exiting games that would require knowledge and logic. We have games such as tower of hanoi, tic tac, “shoot me if you can” and later on, the “3,5,7” games that somewhat a bit similar to “tic tac” game…

The games are really fun especially the “3,5,7”… You need to create a pattern and algorithm for you to win. I did a lot of guessing before i finally learned the patterns. well, it took me an hour and a half to do so…

It was fun for I was kind of enjoying my day and our examination was postponed!!!



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