a family that prays together, stays together…

Last night, I was out of my mind. I was kind of stopping myself to comprehend and understand the real situation. it was like losing the important persons in your life and yet you can’t make anything to stop it.

I value my family on top of everything and I really can’t take the problems and conflicts that are happening right now. My mother and some of her relatives do have a conflict that could cut and end all the ties we have with them. Drastic things and actions made it more complicated for me to understand it more better.

I’m just hurt to know that anger can make a certain person hurt even the closest person in its heart. How could someone stand seeing her “sister or any family member” be hurt because of some misunderstanding.

Can’t they understand each other’s situations and try to reconcile, for their family’s sake. Can’t they find a solution that will not hurt each other.

I’m really in great pain for I don’t want my family to suffer and be hurt. But how can i stop it if the reasons of all this is the person that is also so dear to me. I really don’t know what to do. I love my family and I will do everything to protect them. I’m trying my very best but I just can’t avoid thinking of all the possible effects of this problem can do to us.

I really don’t want to take side but certain things had happened that  pushed me to do so. I’m not angry with anyone, I’m just hurt… It’s like someone just stabbed my heart and nobody can ever help me to make the pain stop…not even  a morphine…

I’m just hoping that God will help me get through all of this…


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