The harm has already been done…

Surviving is not fun especially if you have to deal with plainly mean people around you. I’m not bitter, as they keep on telling everybody about me. I am happy of what I am and I always make sure that in everything I do, I will never lose myself in the process. I’m through with all the crying and screaming. It really does not made sense for it is unreasonable.

I’m writing this blog because I just can’t contain anymore the desperate feeling of showing the hatred that I felt yesterday. I’m striving hard enough to be good and nice to everyone but it seems that all my efforts are being ignored.

If I were those people, I will stop causing trouble for they really don’t want to see me when I’m bad…To qoute someone,”I’m better when I’m bad…”

And it only means that I can be worse in order to save myself and to make things right. I’m tired of it. I really don’t understand why they just can’t stop it. This can be avoided but if I would rely on my present-state-of-mind… I’m sorry, The war had just started and nobody can stop me…only divine intervention,but I do believe that God wants me to do it for it is the only way…

For the harm has already been done…

Keep your remorse and regrets for I’m sick of it…


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