the cow’s new baby and its fresh milk

well, it happened few weeks ago> I had just started my morning exercises when i heard our landlady telling my co-housemate that her cow had just gave birth. i was a bit curious about it so I decided to looked on the new-born cow???-

The baby cow was so cute…it loked like a goat at first..its mother was busy licking something on her body and our landlady tried to feed something on the baby cow-a mixture of egg and orange–and I don’t know why???

And then, i remembered that cow has a delicious milk but i was just afraid to get near the mother cow for it might attack me, thinking i would hurt its baby. So i decided to asked our landlady about the possible acquisition of some milk but she was not sure about it for it would require some time to get one. So i did not asked her more and continued what I was doing..too bad I did not have a chance to taste a real “fresh milk”


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