A pen’s prerogative

Blogging is easier compared on what we used to do before, keeping journals on diaries. On my part, I can easily write about a certain topic whenever faced in a monitor compared on facing a notebook that has a lot of scribbles inside . And blogging make your entries look more presentable compared on the notebook.

Though diaries keeps a lot of secrets,blogging seems to offer a good place for you to write about something and attack someone yet keeping your identity anonymous to others.

Blogging also offers lots of ways for you to share your ideas without personally relating it to others. It serves as a way on addressing different issues and ideas you have. It is an opportunity for those who have lots of things to say and share but could not muster enough courage to speak up. This is your pen’s prerogative, a new way for you to be part of the internet’s craziest and coolest exchange of informations, ideas and thoughts.


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